Training & Tunnel Schedule

We offer batting tunnels for year-round training & professional instruction for all phases of softball & baseball. No matter your ability, our instructors will guide each young athlete along the path to becoming a well-rounded player. We will take the time with beginners and challenge the seasoned all-star players to take that next step forward.

Team Rentals — Please call for more info! 508.345.7626


With Machine

Without Machine







Hours of Operation

Monday–Friday, 2–9pm*
Saturday 9am–9pm*
Saturday 9am–6pm*
Call us today @ 508-345-7626

*Hours of operation are subject to change if tunnels are not booked in advance.

Fastpitch Performance Training

Dedicated Instructors

Our incredible staff offers instruction on a wide variety of fastpitch softball and baseball skills in group or personalized settings, using well-planned exercises, drills and practice sessions. We have the training equipment on hand to increase your agility, performance, stamina and overall ability. Every participant is important to us and each will receive that personal attention that she deserves.

Tip — Pitchers must remain even keeled on the mound. Their demeanor should be solid in any circumstance. They are the leader of the team and the team will respond to how they present themselves. Always stay positive and support your teammates!!!!! And never make faces at the umpire.

Just a reminder, we have gift certificates available in any denomination that can be used towards cage rental, private instruction, and clinics for your princess! Just email with any questions.